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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Zattzuka Matsuri

The festival "Zattzuka Matsuri" is held on August 5th in Mizusawa, Oshu city, Tohoku prefecture. Many groups of dancers dressed in yukata dance on the same choregraphy, which is easy for beginners as well!! ;-)

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Hitaka Hibuse Matsuri

The "Hitaka Hibuse Matsuri" is a festival held in late April (28-29th) in Mizusawa City (Oshu city now), Tohoku. The festival takes place at the same time as the city is covered by blooming cherry blossom in pink. The meaning of the festival is the prevention of fire. Festive floats tour the town carrying about 40 child musicians playing flutes, drums and shamisen.
More pictures at http://srosat.com/WorldTrotter or access directly the photo gallery here.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Chagu Chagu Umako Matsuri

The "Chagu Chagu Umako Matsuri" (festival of the 'small' jingling horses) takes place on the second Saturday of June in Takizawa village & Morioka-city, Iwate prefecture in Tohoku region (northern Japan). 100 horses parade in a merry jingling of bells from a mountain village down to the town. The name "Chagu Chagu" is an onomatopeic expression refering to the bells sounding as the horses trot along.

Pictures of the Chagu Chagu Umako Matsuri can be found here.

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Kukuri Bina Matsuri

The festival "Kukuri Bina Matsuri" of hanged Japanese dolls takes place in early March (last year it was on March 1-5, 2006). You can admire typical Japanese dolls dressed in colourful kimonos. The dolls are one side only, the other side being the support. They are usually displayed on a staircase to respect the class hierarchy, meaning that the dolls for the emperor and the emperess are on the uppest step.

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