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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Welcome to Mizusawa, city of Iwate prefecture, Tohoku region in northern Japan

A first message from Mizusawa, small Japanese city located in Iwate prefecture, province of Tohoku, northern part of Japan.
Mizusawa can be accessed from Tokyo in 3h by Shinkansen (bullet train). Mizusawa, as its name indicates, is situated in a valley crossed by Kitakami river and surrounded by mountains. The highest summit of Iwate prefecture is Mount Iwate (Iwate san) that culminates at 2,041 m. Mount Iwate is an active volcano, which activity is continuously monitored by scientists.

Mizusawa town was born in April 1st 1954 (Showa year 29) with the emergence of a city and 5 villages. In 50 years, Mizusawa city has developped as a politic, economic, cultural, exchange,... center. Mizusawa is also a city rich with history and culture in an abundant natural scenic. Many ceremonies and festivals take place during the year, such as Hitaka Hibuse festival, cherry blossom at Mizusawa park, spring festival, and the fireworks and Zattzaka festival in summer.

  • Area:96.92k㎡
  • Coordinates: Long.141° 5~15´E Lat .39° 3~11´N
  • Population: 60,588 (Men:29,111 Women: 31,477)
  • Number of permanent residents: 21,421 (as in May 31, 2002)

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